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The Waste Water and the soil discharge have to be emptied into the storm water drain .If you don't have a storm drain to empty into, internal drainage systems are going to be better for your home. With this type, there is no external construction necessary. Pipes are laid in a trench under the basement with proper water proofing treatment and emptied into the Soak pit /Septic Tank In general, this is a much easier way to get a system installed and it is more cost efficient but it is suitable for small homes.

The only downside of internal drains is that they don't necessarily help with water that seeps in through the foundation walls. They'll keep basement slabs dry and cut down on moisture in the basement, but water will usually still come in from the soil around the house. However, with a little landscaping, you can limit the amount of water that seeps in this way. Make sure that your yard slopes away from the house and also that there aren't plant roots that come into contact with your basement foundation's walls.

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