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Looking for reliable plumbing services in Kolkata?

Look no further than Shree Shyam Associates. We take much pride in stating that we are now one of the few plumbing companies in Kolkata having more than 20 years of experience. Eliminating those plumbing issues will definitely become easier than you think. We are the hub of the most experienced and friendly plumbers offering premium-quality plumbing services in Kolkata within your budget. Whether you are looking for plumbing services like internal water supply, external/internal drainage system, overhead tank installation or sanitary ware fixing, we are your one-stop solution. With Shree Shyam Associates by your side, you can have complete peace of mind.

About Plumbing Services

The physical laws followed by water are generally pressure and gravity based. This law is treated to be the prime idea behind the science of plumbing. As far as the rest are concerned, they are just the result of pressure and gravity on water, as well as, the factors which control the flow of water. Gathering some basic knowledge about the movement of water can help anyone to undergo small repair works or recognise how severe a plumbing issue is. No doubt, this basic knowledge is really helpful in saving your residence and your hard-earned money. There are two ways through which the plumbing system works; one is through which water comes in, and the other through which it goes out. In other words, the system lets clean water enter and takes out dirty water.

Often people have difficulties in understanding the method through which clean water comes inside our house. This is merely because of the natural law of pressure. The reason for which clean water can pass through pipes is pressure. This pressure also makes the water travel upwards to one or many floors, as well as, moves them in any direction when needed. The devices through which the pressurized water can move inside or around a house are controlled by the ubiquitous water valves. Cold water also flows from primary pipes through a similar process. Consumers who require hot water needs to pass the cold water through an installed water heater to warm it up. The water after getting heated travels through the hot water line and bring them to various outlets in the house, like the shower, dishwasher, or bath tub.

Both the process of water intake and waste outtake is based on simple science and can be understood easily. Plumbing issues arising out of faulty waste outtake can lead to costly repair work. This is exactly where services rendered by experienced and trained plumbers come to the rescue. They ensure that the dirty waste water will flow out of your house by following the law of gravity. This waste water travels downward to the septic tank easily. The process of waste removal is carried out smoothly by numerous vents and traps in the water pipes. The vents are really useful in filling up the drainpipes with air; this air allows the waste water to flow out. Have a look beneath the sink drain and you will notice S-shaped portions of the pipes. These are the traps which play an important role in making the water flow out through the drainpipe. The residue water is useful in sealing the area and stops the sewer gas from blockage.

Negligence to understand the science of plumbing can either make your house flooded or make it suffer from various proportions of water damage. Only experienced plumbers should undertake the responsibility of any plumbing repair work required for a major damage. Understanding the science of plumbing slowly will not only help the homemaker save money but also know their home better.

Plumbing Services in Kolkata



We undertake the responsibility of positioning the internal piping system, lay the water storage tanks overhead or build a reservoir most efficiently. At Shree Shyam Associates, we believe that supply of potable water is the most vital service of the municipality. Residents are dependent on this water for a wide variety of reasons like cooking, washing, drinking, and other domestic requirements. Our Internal Water Supply System is also necessary for various public, industrial, and commercial activities. The water supplied accomplishes quantity and quality requirements.

We take much pride in offering our clients numerous Piping System solutions for the supply of hot water like CPVC, GEORG FISHER, PPR, and PLP, to name a few. You can stay ensured of receiving uninterrupted supply of water in the industries as the product is connected. All the products are crafted by our vendors strictly under the observation of our skillful professionals by using only quality approved material and innovative technologies following the quality standards. The quality of our Hot Water Pipeline System is frequently tested on various parameters of the industry standards.



Let our experienced plumbers take the responsibility of draining the soil discharge and the waste water into a storm water drain. They are aware of the fact that if you don’t have a strong drain to empty those, an internal drainage system is the best alternative. This ensures that you don’t have to undergo any external construction as the pipes are placed in a channel below the basement having adequate waterproofing treatment before being emptied into a septic tank. Though this process of system installation is easier and cost-effective, it is generally applicable for small houses.

The only issue that might arise due to internal drains is that they don’t prevent water from seeping in through the foundation walls. Though they keep the underground blocks dry and restrict moisture from penetrating in the basement, water can come inside through soil surrounding the house. All you need is a wise landscaping which can limit the water from seeping inside. Construct a yard that slopes away from your residence and is devoid of any plant roots that might come in contact with the walls of your basement foundation.



The process through which our External Drainage System works is quite simple. It transports water from the basement through some drain pipe to the storm drain. Both the soil waste and the waste water are finally drained into the public drainage system. This system is highly effective as they help to keep moisture away from the basement and things dry. Since this system is not appropriate for every household, our experts study the property in details to estimate the outlet where the excess water can drain away. They make sure that the storm drain is positioned at a lower position than the basement floor.



The Sanitaryware offered by us is available in a wide variety of Wash Basins, Bathroom Suites, Urinals, Bathroom Accessories, and other allied ranges. We understand the requirement of our clients before crafting products of various designs, size, and finishes. Our sanitaryware fixing has numerous applications in various hotels, residences, shopping malls, and as bathroom decors. Every client approaching Shree Shyam Associates has praised us for our innovative range of luxury Sanitaryware which enhances the elegance and sophistication quotient of your bathrooms.



We are one of the most-preferred companies engaged in installation high-quality tanks and overhead pumps. Not only are the products best in quality but also offer high performance. The complete focus of our experienced professionals undertaking the installation work is solely on the requirements of our clients. They have a clear conversation with the customers to collect all the necessary information required to carry out the installation work smoothly. They leave no stone unturned in satisfying the clients in every possible way.



All our professionals have years of industrial expertise and competent of developing the finest quality of Rainwater Harvesting. Our team members believe in an innovative approach to craft feasible designs helpful in collecting as well as storing rainwater for various potable applications. They make use of refined manufacturing technologies and inventory of the highest-quality raw materials that helps in developing our rooftop rainwater harvesting system and surface runoff harvesting. Though being designed and developed abiding the industry standards, our rainwater harvesting system is available at a very nominal rate.

Focus On Using Genuine Plumbing Materials In Kolkata

Shree Shyam Associates is one of the most preferred plumbing contractors in Kolkata whose complete focus is on using genuine plumbing materials in Kolkata. We value the reputation earned by us through the years and leave no stone unturned in maintaining it by sourcing the plumbing material directly from the suppliers. With good plumbing supplies, clients approaching us can stay assured that their plumbing project will be of the highest quality. We understand your plumbing requirements in details before determining the ideal product your project requires.

Few Of The Plumbing Materials We Use Are:
  • PVC Pipes & Fittings: The PVC pipes and fittings used by us are really durable and are manufactured using different formulations so they can be used for various applications.
  • CP Bathroom Fittings: The chrome plated bath fittings we use are corrosion-free and highly durable. This material is mainly used for clients approaching us to fix plumbing issues in their luxurious bathroom.
  • Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks: Our skilled plumbers aim at using stainless steel kitchen sinks as the product possess strong properties though being relatively light in weight. They don’t rust easily and offer optimal performance over the years.

Why Choose Us for Plumber Services in Kolkata?

  • We offer complete plumbing services from internal water supply to sanitary ware fixing
  • Having more than 20 years of experience to provide quality services
  • Our prime aim is to provide satisfactory services and solution
  • We have more than 200 retailers and distributed of plumbing products and accessories
  • We have successfully completed renowned projects including Webel IT Park, Gourbanga University and many more
  • Highly skilled, experienced and professional plumbers and bathroom fitters
  • Free quotation and reasonable price

Completed Projects


SDO Office (Kharagpur)

Druk Taj Hotel

Druk Taj Hotel (Thimphu)

Webel IT Park

Webel IT Park (Siliguri)

MBL Guest House

MBL Guest House (Siliguri)

Gourbanga University

Gourbanga University (Malda)

Ongoing Projects

New Raj Bhawan (Agartala)

New Raj Bhawan (Agartala)

Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad University (Jaguli)

Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad University (Jaguli)

We are a quality focused company, providing optimum grade services to customers has been the priority.

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